Struggling with a tough financial decision? Think you're on the right track, but want some confirmation?

Proceed with confidence and peace of mind with expert help. 

Save yourself the mental energy of agonizing over a decision and take action.  A quick start session includes up to 90 minutes together in a working meeting: discussing your situation and finding solutions to your challenges. As a fee-only fiduciary advisor, you can feel confident that my recommendations will be objective and in your best interest.

Some of the topics we can address in a quick start session include:

  • Should I use a 529 plan to save for college, or are there better options for our family?

  • How can we harmoniously manage our finances after we get married?

  • I don’t have a 401k plan. What should I be doing to save for retirement?

  • Can I afford to make a career change or stay at home with my kids?

  • What are the options for my student loans, and what's the best choice for me?

  • Should I pay down debt or save for retirement? What about an emergency fund? How can I balance all these competing financial priorities?

You’ll leave our meeting with a clear plan of action and I’ll follow up with a summary email. A month later, I’ll reach out again to help ensure success. If you need more help with implementation, it’s easy to apply your fee to ongoing financial planning services.

What’s not included?

Due to the limited nature of a quick start session, we won't be doing in-depth analysis or projections or building investment portfolios.  If you’re interested in that, let’s work together full-time!  An ongoing financial advisory relationship gives you access to the expert advice you need as often as you need for no additional cost. 

Ready to get started?  Book now!  Please briefly outline what you'd like to talk about.  We’ll meet virtually or local folks can request an in-person session.

Not sure if a quick start session or more comprehensive financial planning is right for you?  Schedule a free phone consultation and let's talk about it.