I try to live a life that is aligned with my values, and I believe work should be no different.  As such, my practice is unabashedly values-based.  I'm here to:

Increase financial knowledge

Empower Women

Improve Lives

And I also encourage my clients to put their money behind their values: in their spending and also in their investing.  Investing in companies that share our values is one way we can make the world a better place.  Impact investing means investing in companies that:

  • Create sustainable energy sources

  • Hire women in senior management positions and boards

  • Provide low-cost medicine to patients in need

People used to believe that socially responsible investing meant giving up returns, but not anymore.  Increasingly, there are a number of opportunities to invest in mutual funds and ETFs that are aligned with your values that provide returns that are just as good or better as their "normal" peers.  

Interested in investing with your values and for the future AND getting a good return on your moeny?  Let's talk.