Integrity, Learning and Relationships

These three values are at the core of everything we do together. 

Integrity means you can trust that I am acting in your best interest as a full fiduciary, that I will honor my commitments and that I will be discreet about your personal and sensitive financial information.  It also means you can rely on me to tell you hard truths and help you make the right decisions.

Learning means I am always seeking to expand my knowledge to better serve your interests, and I am sharing that knowledge with you.  I view financial planning as a partnership in which we work together to help you find your power over money and reach your goals.  Educating my clients, and learning from them in turn, is one of the best parts of my job.

Relationships means that above all else, I value our relationship and will treat you with respect.  There is nothing more important in life than the relationships we hold with those we care about, and your relationship with your financial advisor should be no different.  I genuinely like my clients, love getting to know you and helping make your lives better.  Being there for the milestones and the ups and downs of your lives is a privilege. 


That's all great but what do we actually DO?

Great question!  Comprehensive financial planning starts with getting to know each other so I can get an understanding of your life, your  finances, your hopes and dreams, and your fears and concerns.  Then we can both figure out if we like each other enough to work together!  It's an ongoing, iterative process because just as your life isn't static, your financial plan shouldn't be either. 

Our first meeting involves more than just finding out your financial information -- although I'll need to know that, too.  But before I can help you, I need to know *why* we're meeting.   

I'll be asking questions like: 

  • What's keeping you up at night?

  • Why is money important to you and what does having enough look like?

  • What are your biggest concerns right now, financial and otherwise?

  • How do you make big decisions?

  • What do you want your future to look like, what are your dreams?

A little touchy-feely?  Guilty as charged.  But wouldn't you rather have a financial advisor who gets you instead of just your money?  I want to find out what you're excited about so I can support you in getting there.


Financial planning process.JPG

After we've decided we want to work together, we'll get down to business.  We start by summarizing your assets and liabilities to get perspective on your full financial situation.  Then we'll talk about your dreams and goals and I'll research and determine the best solutions for bridging the gap between where you are and where you'd like to be.  I'll also do a retirement planning analysis to see whether you're on track for a comfortable retirement and build scenarios to get you there.  For existing investments, I'll analyze your current investment portfolios and develop a custom portfolio based on your time frame, risk tolerance and values.

We'll also touch on: 

  • Risk management -- Do you have the coverage you need to protect yourself and your family? Action Point works with an insurance broker to provide you with affordable coverage.

  • Employee benefits -- Are there benefits you should be taking advantage of or different options you should consider? Common examples are flexible spending accounts and employee stock purchase plans.

  • Estate planning -- This is essential for wealth preservation and for taking care of your family. I'll refer you to an excellent estate attorney and coordinate services as needed.

  • Tax planning -- I'll consider ways to minimize current and future income taxes as part of your overall financial plan and will coordinate services with your CPA if necessary.

We'll discuss my observations and recommendations in a follow up meeting (or two) and turn them into plans and action steps.  I'll explain my observations in a way that makes sense to you -- it's your money and your life, so you're in the driver's seat.  Once we're on the same page, it's implementation time.  I'll handle the investment management and support you in any behavioral changes that need to occur.  I'll provide ongoing monitoring of your investments, and you keep me posted if anything major changes.  We'll get together periodically to update your plan and to discuss any new challenges and opportunities that arise.

Also remember, as a full fiduciary advisor, my interests are aligned with yours -- I'm legally required to provide a duty of loyalty and care -- and I never charge commissions on investments.  We also have a low-cost fee structure at Action Point, not because we have to, but because we can.  Want to find out more?  I'd love to chat!  Ready to get started?  I'd love to meet you!


Not sure it's right for you?

If you're just starting out and you don't think you're ready for full financial planning services, I understand.  But I don't believe in minimums and offer a hybrid fee structure  for clients who don't yet have much to invest.  So let's talk about it. 

If you're a steadfast DIY investor, I get that, too!  But you're here for a reason.  If you need help with a specific financial issue or question, consider one of my Clarity Sessions or hourly services.