What is Collaborative Divorce?  A gentler approach to divorce.

Litigated divorce can be very damaging to family relationships and particularly to children.  I hope you never have to face the possibility of divorce, but if you do, collaborative divorce may be a better option for your family. 


Why It's Better

Collaborative divorce allows couples to navigate divorce with dignity and respect by:

  • Avoiding court and having judges make decisions for you
  • Openly discussing needs and concerns and financial considerations
  • Using good-faith negotiation strategies and constructive problem solving techniques
  • Reaching your own settlement, based on your priorities, not the court’s
  • Focusing on developing resolutions which truly meet your children’s needs

I serve families as a financial specialist in collaborative divorces through Collaborative Divorce Professionals (CDP).  The financial specialist is a neutral third party who assesses the family's financial situation and informs the process of fairly dividing the couple's assets and liabilities.  


How It Works

The process is guided by a divorce coach, who is  a specially trained mental health professional.  Each spouse has an attorney to help them understand the options and serve as an advocate and advisor.  A child specialist may also be used to serve as an advocate for the children and help them understand the process.  The financial specialist reviews the finances of the family and provides insight and creative solutions in fairly dividing the couple's assets and liabilities. 

Collaborative divorce is not the same as mediation, in which both parties are working together with an independent mediator to legally dissolve the marriage.  In collaborative divorce, the entire team is similarly focused on resolving conflicts and moving forward, but you still benefit from having your own attorney to help navigate issues and advocate for you.  You also have the benefit of mental health professionals to help you navigate the complex emotional issues that arise and a financial expert.  Collaborative divorce is focused on restructuring a family, not just ending a marriage.

For more details on the collaborative divorce process and how it works, please refer to CDP's website or let's have a conversation.